Wish List

This is a list of routes that I have always had on the back of my mind.  As I slowly tick some of these captivating routes off of my wish list, more are constantly being added.  In all aspects of life, it is important to have goals as they provide a direction in which to push yourself.  


  • Easy Arete, Castle Rock State Park
  • Midnight Lighting, Yosemite

Single Pitch

  • Five Year Plan, Flatirons
  • Musta Been High, Eldorado
  • Fruh de Lowe, Gallatin Canyon
  • Phoenix, Yosemite
  • Gigantor, City of Rocks
  • Red Rum, Castle Rock State Park
  • Enter the Dragon, The Fins

Multi Pitch

  • Bachar-Yerian, Tuolumne
  • Jet Stream, Red Rock
  • Velvet Tongue, Red Rock

Big Wall

  • Freerider/Salathe, Yosemite
  • Moonlight Buttress, Zion
  • All Along the Watch Tower, Bugaboos
  • Lotus Flower Tower, Cirque of the Unclimbables
  • Mantah, Yosemite

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