About The Author

My name is Ian Cavanaugh.  Currently I spend most of my time between Idaho, Montana and Colorado.  I have a BA in Photography from Montana State University, Bozeman.   In the winter of 2002 I was unfortunately drug to the climbing wall at the YMCA in Boise, ID.  Since that day I have found myself dedicating more and more of my free (and sometimes not free) time to pursue climbing all over the world.  Over the last 11 years climbing has shaped my life, given me a direction (though not a profitable one), allowed me to meet some of the most amazing and admirable people all over the world as well as taught me to fully enjoy every moment in life.  When I am not tied to the end of a rope with old and new friend you can find me sitting in the saddle of a mountain or road bike exploring the roads and trails around the western United States.  And when the day is done you will probably see me enjoying a cold delicious beer with friends talking the days adventures or the ones to come.


Please contact me via email in regards to my work as a photographer or writer.


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