Winter is coming…

As I slowly walked down the drive way listening to the methodical clicking of my knee brace I pick a piece of long grass and rest it between my lips.  Clouds have begun to move in and are now blocking the sun.  The wind has begun its afternoon journey north through the valley and I can feel it bringing winter with it.  Driving the tractor, moving piles of dirt from point A to point B, I find myself sympathizing with the farmers around the country.  While dating is made easy through a very sophisticated website designed to find the perfect goat roping gal for that hay bailing man, framers do have to deal with day light savings time and the waining hours of lights as winter approaches.  It might seem like a good idea to utilize the morning sun, it means working in colder temperatures and your day ends that much earlier.  Fortunately for myself I was able to finishing moving all my dirt piles before the sun had set.

My foray into the mind of my mid-western counterpart has started my cogs turning.  What does a farmer do during their off season?  Are they the travel agent’s antithesis of the school teacher? Beyond my general curiosity of a farmers personal life, thoughts of what my own winter would be like have begun to fill my mind.  As my knee as begun to heal more every day, finding a job is quickly becoming my number one priority.  For the last few weeks I have felt like the farmer without a crop, looking out over the vast nothingness that fills my days.

I might have exaggerate a little.  My days are not nearly as empty as a december cornfield, though they are not as busy as I am used to.  The Wood River YMCA has morphed into my second home.  While I do not currently hold a job, I have focused a good portion of the day to familiarizing myself with the finger board and free weights.  Winter has always been the time for us climbers to hide inside under plastic holds and colored tape,  but this year I find myself with an actual direction in my training.

With all the restrictions that come with purchase of a new ACL, I have had to explore new exercises and get a little more creative with some old ones.  A side from my physical therapy and knee rehabilitation, I have turn my attention towards upper body fitness with a focus on finger strength and lock off ability.  One thing that has been lacking and somewhat frustrating is my lack of cardio in my workouts, until this last weekend that is.

Every day that goes by signifies one day closer to getting back on that proverbial horse and actually climbing again.  Until that days comes I will spend my time becoming better acquainted with my new friends the stop watch and hang board.   Without focus and direction, training can be more detrimental than not training at all.  For the next few weeks I will be sharing the training program I have designed and slowy refining for myself as well as the one I have created for my young padawan I am coaching for our local climbing comp at the Wood River YMCA on Dec 14.  So while winter is coming, so is the sweat, the pain, and the gains.  Its time to fall in love with plastic all over again!


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